Glo Nigeria Introdcing Free Unlimited Downloads on 11th of August 2017

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Wow, this is amazing. Glo Nigeria is about to launch out free unlimited downloads to its subscribers starting from Friday, August 2017 this month. so if you are a Glo Subscribers it will be better you shouldn't miss this date because a lot of people are waiting to see exactly what will happen.
Glo Nigeria Announce this on its twitter page that on 11th of August 2017, Glo users will be able to browse and Download unlimited for free without no air time or active data on their phone. Meanwhile, few people ignore this as a rumor and a lot of people were so happy to hear this great news from Glo.

So let quickly wait till 11th of August and see exactly what will happen on that day, because this day many people won't have mercy on Glo network and the Glo network might slow a little bit or what did you think? kindly drop your comment below.
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