OperaMax 3.0 Update brings new UI, data savings tips, Savings for Facebook and more

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Opera Software Just released a New update for OperaMax, Which brings several new features including a new UI, optimized data savings, data management tools and support for Facebook savings.
  • New features in New OperaMax 3.0 for Android
OperaMax Will Now shows tip cards that are contextual to users’ data usage such as “app by app” mobile and Wi-Fi data usage and provide personalized advice on how to best reduce wasted data.

OperaMax will now report on external security threats while providing data encryption when, for example, users are on public Wi-Fi to ensure users’ personal information is protected.

“Savings for Facebook” shortcut created in OperaMax or Android home screen lets you launch Facebook web app and have the benefits of a VPN connection, data saving sessions and other settings all auto-configured to save on Facebook data usage.
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