Download Gbwhatsapp .Apk

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Download Gbwhatsapp .Apk

Gbwatsapp is the new stuff that got all the features added to it so that it really works so well for you. It is a very common thing that most of us make use of dual sim phone. If you have two sims then you should be able to make use of two whatsapp for these two different sims. It is good for you to get the things you need with this app which has got so many good features to offer you. It is good for you to know about this app in detail before you actually try using the same.

Where to Download GBWhatsappApk Click Here To Download App 👈
There are so many cell phones that comes with double sim in it. It is one of the major reasons why GBWhatsApp has actually emerged. This is the application that can help you in using two different whatsapp accounts on single cell phone in meantime. It is an evolved form of gbwhatsapp3.90 which is another stable variant of whatsapp. It is a good app that you can install and use in your mobile. It is always good for you to make use of the GBwhatsapp so that you can get so many good features with the same.

Existing Features in GBWhatsapp

There are so many features that GBwhatsapp already has got which makes it a stable app to use on your mobile on parallel with whatsapp. It is an app which supports calling. Which is one of the basic features that anybody expect from such kind of messaging app. Making calls through internet from whatsapp and such application really makes life much great. You also can hide yourself from getting visible with the privacy options available. There are counter statistics available for the groups too. There are chances for viewing media without actually loading the same. This is something that can actually be of great use to you. Most of the people really struggle with the issue of less space and the app ensure that the users of it never face this issue and do the same by letting the media be viewed even when it is not loaded. There is real possibility for hiding name as well as date when two or more than that copies are actually made. There are possibilities for copying too in this app. Which is also something that is relevant and also required for a messaging app. There are features available with this app that allows you to change the icon of the program as well as the notifications. It can make things really work comfortably for you.
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